Thursday and Friday, Oct. 10 and 11, 2024 days left

4th Health in Entrepreneurship Research Forum


Montpellier Business School
2300 Avenue des Moulins,
34080 Montpellier, France

Scientific committee

Olivier Torrès, University of Montpellier, France
Nada Rejeb, Paris School of Business, France
Roy Thurik, Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam


Organizing committee

Bernard-Marie Augustin, Observatoire Amarok
Alexandre Benzari, Montpellier Business School, France
Maxime Brisot, Observatoire Amarok – Labex Entreprendre
Chihiro Kageura, Observatoire Amarok
Mathieu Lemoal, University of Montpellier, France


Montpellier Business School


This event would not be possible without the sponsorship of the Observatory AMAROK, to support entrepreneurship research at the university of Montpellier.

We would like to thank Montpellier Business School and LabEx Entreprendre (University of Montpellier) for their sponsorship to support the 2024 Health in Entrepreneurship Conference.

An essential topic.

Entrepreneur health and well-being is broadly relevant to nearly every aspect of entrepreneurship, ranging from how individuals motivate themselves to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours to how they cope with the stresses and pressures inherent in entrepreneurial activities.

There has been a steady increase in research on entrepreneurial health and well-being, which was further accelerated by the Covid-pandemic. This has brought the importance of mental and physical health for individuals, entrepreneurs, and societies into sharp focus. However, despite this increased interest, there remain important unanswered research questions, complexities, and boundary conditions surrounding the relationship between entrepreneurship and individual health that merit further exploration.

By connecting researchers from different disciplines, we intend to help advance ongoing conversations regarding the nature and scope of entrepreneurship and founder health.

Keynote speakers

Ute Stephan, King’s Business School (UK)
Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University (USA)
Marcus Wolfe, University of North Texas (USA)

Day One: Presentations and paper development workshop (PDW)

Presentations of current research on the interaction of health and entrepreneurship, followed by a paper development workshop:

  • Phd students are highly encouraged to participate to this PDW to share their ongoing works in the field of ‘health in entrepreneurship’. This PDW will be the opportunity to have feedback from senior researchers on this important topic.
  • The PDW will also be the opportunity to all participants to share their ongoing research. A special issue on this topic is in negotiation and presenters of high-quality research will be encouraged to submit their work to this potential special issue.

Day Two: Presentations and Discussion

Presentations of current research on the interaction of health and entrepreneurship, followed by a discussion of potential projects and collaborations on ‘Health in Entrepreneurship’ research.

We will also announce the next ‘Health in Entrepreneurship’ Forum.

Travel and Hotel Arrangements

let’s get started


To register for this event, please email Nada Rejeb at no later than 31st July 2024 copying Mathieu Le Moal at with a brief statement of your research interests (e.g., a current paper or abstract related to health in entrepreneurship). Event is limited to 50 participants. Registration including all meals is free.

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